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Prof. Rautenberg's HP 49G/49g+ Tools
     IN MEMORIAM Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rautenberg.
In accordance with his wish his tools are offered furthermore to the public.
Copyright by Mrs Juliane Rautenberg. She has allowed to publish the tools here.

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The HP49G

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rautenberg ć

HP 49G/49g+ Tools
The HP49G+ calculator


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Animations (3)
Games (3)
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Miscellaneous (12)

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    ♦  2012: HMTL files updated to HMTL 4.01 standard.
Last updating of the binary tools see zip-files inside.
 2005-10-04 ACC  2005-10-04 ACCeuro   2005-10-04 Timeman 
 2005-10-23 Mines   2005-10-23 Msgman   2006-02-16 TETRI 



Each cell of the following list gives in its first line links to an online documentation (*.htm), followed by a link, to download a zip-file. Documentations in different languages are indicated by flag symbols. Click on the corresponding flag to get your preferable language.

The *.zip-file contains the tool and the corresponding documentation. Finally, a brief description of the program is given. Downloading and unpacking *.zip, checking "use folder names", creates an offline documentation on your PC. Put the cursor on pictures or links whil
e reading *.htm, might give some additional information.

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General Tools

  Appsman.htmAppsman.zip (10.8 kB), version 3.2003, size on calc 0.7 kB.
Allows complete customization of the 49G/g+ APPS browser and various other built-in menus or choose boxes. Gives the user control on external libraries. 
  BZman.htm, BZman.zip (20 kB), version 4.2004, size on calc 1.6 kB.
BZ-compression manager. Most also belongs to OT49 but for those interested in compression only, BZman is the right choice. One can create very small self-decompressing and self-evaluating code. Extra library for the 49g+.
Filers.htm, Filers.zip (36 kB), version 9.2003, size on calc from 1.6 to 3 kB.
The package contains 5 filers for the 49G/49g+, which enrich the built-in filer and simplify it at the same time. Filer5 is for the 49g+, with an extra option for convenient data exchange with the SD-card. Main advantages over the default filer: Fast creation of dated HOME backups, hiding/unhiding tools. 
♦  Filer6.htm, Filer6.zip (37.5 kB), size on calc 2.2 kB.
The best filer for the 49g+ with a ROM not older than 1.23. Perfect data exchange with the SD-card. And you now can easily create directories inside the card browser.
♦  OT49.htm, OT49.zip (40.4 kB), versions 1.2004 and 4.2004, size on calc 5.1 kB.
Offers library-, menu-, programming- and compression-tools and allows to recall menus, standard or user key assignments, and to toggle fonts, flags and other items. Both for the normal and the advanced user. The library and compression tools of OT49(+) are the best ones available. 
♦  Libman.htm, Libman.zip (24.5 kB), versions 7.2003 and 9.2003, sizes on calc 1.7 kB and 1.9 kB.
There are
                      excellent libraries for the 49/49+
Gives the user complete control on the LIB key. Libman offers a browser on all attached libraries with various sub browsers. In particular a browser on the library commands itself which show HELP if it exist like in the CAT browser. Allows also listing of all commands of built-in libraries. And Libman+ sets port entry :3: (SD-card browser) at the end of the LIB menu.
♦  Headman.htm English , espa˝ol,  Headman.zip (32 5 kB), versions 7.2004 and 8.2004, size on calc 1.8 kB.
A small library for the 49g+ only, for managing its new header and to apply it in various environments (Stack, EQW etc). Its viewer uses the entire screen and is more powerful than VIEW. In addition, Headman contains convenient tools for reading long documents on the 49g+.
♦  Hide.htm, Hide.zip (3.0 kB), version 1.2003, size on calc 0.6 kB.
Permits hiding any files in any directory, e.g., such files as IOPAR and PPAR. Hidden files are known to each command (except VARS). Hide includes a complete Hidden directory management.
♦  Choosext.htm, Choosext.zip (18.7 kB), version 9.2003, size on calc 0.6 kB.
Makes the built-in CHOOSE command more powerful by adding an argument for creating a user-defined menu for the choose box, to do more than merely CANCL or OK. User decides on preserving the browser when running a menu option.
♦  Ioman.htm, Ioman.zip (26.7 kB), version 4.2004, size on calc 1.4 kB.
                      49g+ has an USB port
A powerful I/O manager. Besides transfer support it sets the parameters in IOPAR and PRTPAR in an easy manner by cycling through all admissible values. In the latest release you can also visualize ASCII control characters, remove dispensable black squares, get the transcriptions of the special HP characters, etc. Ioman.zip contains a listing of the first 32 ASCII control characters explaining their original meaning, for download on the 49g+.
♦  Msgman.htm, Msgman.zip (10.8 kB), version 1.2005, size on calc 0.7 kB.
A small but powerful message manager for the 49G/49g+. Makes all built-in messages available to the normal user not familiar with SysRPL.


♦  Baco.htm, Baco.zip 3.4 kB, version 9.2003, size on calc 0.2 kB.
Hexa-CounterA small number base conversion tool. Shows a number in all four built-in number bases at the same time.
♦  EQLplus.htm EnglishdeutschEQLplus.zip (69.1 kB), version 2.2005, size on calc 36.9 kB.
Reprogramming of the famous 48 Equation library for the 49G/49g+, equation solving included. You can add to it your own equation browser.
♦  Fontman.htm, Fontman.zip (11.4 kB), version 8.2003, size on calc 2.0 kB.
Makes it easy to create your own font or minifont or modify others. This includes besides character modification also the internal parameters.
♦  Mathfont.htm, Mathfont.zip (7.1 kB), version 0.8, size on calc 2.4 kB.
MathFont is designed for mathematics and engineering. Both in size 8 and in minifont.
♦  Lfont.htm, Lfont.zip (10 kB), version 9.2003, size on calc 1.3 kB.
Lfont.F is a self-decompressing font code of size 7, not only very helpful for writing logical and other mathematical formulas, but also for everyday use of the 49G/49g+.
♦  Unitman.htmEnglishDeuitschfranšaisespa˝ol, Unitman.zip (53.3 kB), version 3.2003, size on calc 1.6 kB.
Click on the desired flag symbol
A flexible unit manager - integrates and removes, adds, renames and reorders units and unit categories in the UNITS menu system which expands itself by a menu for converting currencies. Unitman allows handling user-made units and directories as if they were built in. For reading Unitman.htm in different languages click on the corresponding flag symbol. For a short description of the Unitman commands click
♦  Plasy.htmEnglishDeutsch , Plasy.zip (28.7 kB), size on calc 0.8 kB.
Click on the desired flag symbol.
A small but comfortable overview on the most important physical and geometrical data of our planetary system. You may read the Plasy document in English or in German by clicking on the corresponding flag symbol.


♦  Keyman.htmEnglishDeutschfranšaisespa˝ol,
                        translation unfinished, Keyman.zip (69 kB), version 5.2004, size on calc: Keyman 2.0 kB, Keyman+ 2.2 kB.
Wilhelm Busch,
                      Der Virtuose

Click on the desired flag symbol.

Keyman handles mode-sensitive user key assignments. It supports shift-hold and creates two additional key operations: double-clicked and longhold keys. There are lots of examples to explain the use of the commands to the normal user. More is a browser through additional key board tools: switch different key maps in place, clean the internal UserKeys list and packing it by the way, make a key record which runs through various tools like the DEMO library 1234 on the 49G/49g+, and select some top key assignments.

♦  ViewKey.htm, ViewKey.zip (3.2 kB), version 5.2004, size on calc 0.1 kB.
This minitool displays the current user assignment of a key, for the case you forgot it. Professional assignments (made e.g. with Keyman) are SysRPL programs or code objects. ViewKey cares itself about the right disassembling.  
♦  Topkeys.htm, Topkeys.zip (10.4 kB), version 4.2003, size on calc 1.0 kB.
Offers some professional key assignments for the 49G most of which are very helpful for the normal user.
♦  Topkeys+.htm, Topkeys+.zip (13.2 kB), version 2.2004, size on calc 1.3 kB.
Similarly for the 49g+. As long as the ROMs for the 49G and the 49g+ are not fully compatible, identical key assignments may not be compatible as well.


♦  Timeman.htm, Timeman.zip (25.7 kB), version 1.2005 size on calc 3.9 kB.
Earth rotation
A powerful graphic Date&Time manager. Sets Date and Time very easily in a graphic style. One may virtually browse through the calendars of past and future, giving the week number. Moreover, it displays the world map with the actual noon meridian in it like Noon below. Can be used as clock and calendar auto starter. Provides comfortable alarm setting with repeat intervals of one or several years, to remind on birthdays, say. 
♦  ACC.htm, ACC.zip (2.1 kB), version 1.2005, size on calc 0.9 kB.
Analog-Clock with paging Calendar (US version with week days starting on Sunday). Auto start feature. Right-shift and Left-shift keys are paging back and forth, ALPHA actualizes.
♦  ACCeuro.htm in 10 different languages, ACCeuro.zip (44.7 kB), version 1.2005, size on calc 1 kB.
Analog-Clock with paging Calendar. With months names and weekday short-cuts in various languages.

Auto start feature You may create an ACC-version in a new language by reading
♦  Alarm.htm, Alarm.zip (10.9 kB), version 3.2003, size on calc 1.1 kB.
A fast and comfortable alarm manager for the 49G/49g+. It makes alarm setting very fast and allows creation of alarms repeating after one or several years. Also a nice Cuckoo alarm is integrated who calls at desired hours.
♦  Cuckoo.htm, Cuckoo.zip (1.3 kB), version 6.2003, size on calc 0.2 kB.
Makes a nice Cuckoo-Clock from your calculator.
♦  Noon.htm, Noon.zip (3.8 kB), version 5.2003, size on calc 0.8 kB.
Time, world time informatory and DST switcher. Is also part of Timeman.


♦  Ani49.htm, Ani49.zip (24.3 kB), version 2.2003, size on calc 0.3 kB (ANI only).
The horse is
                    running arbitrarily fast in the animation HORSEANI is similar to the built-in ANIMATE but much more powerful. It operates in two modes: picture either change at a fixed place or they move over the screen, in addition. Speed and moving direction are controllable. Stand-by and strobe option. Several top animations, all running with ANI, are included in the package.
♦  Train.htm, Train.zip (2 kB), size on calc 0.3 kB.
A train and a car are driving on the same rail. Look what happens.
♦  Carpet.htm, Carpet.zip (2.5 kB), size on calc 0.1 kB.
Weaves a carpet in a few seconds for which a team of specialists would need months. 8.9_s on the 49G, only 2.6_s on the 49g+.


♦  TETRI.htm, TETRI.zip (16 kB), version 3.2006, size on calc 2.5 kB.
The most fascinating game
What fascinates in this Tetris version is the difficulty caused by the random dice distribution in the first n lines. One can repeat the same game several times, with precisely the same random dice distribution for successively improving the game or competing with other players. Two independent versions make it possible to compete with your partner on the same calculator.

See also TDEMO.txt.
♦  Mines.htm, Mines.zip (10.3 kB), version 1.2005, size on calc 1.9 kB.
MINES - the famous HP48-game MINEHUNT reprogrammed. No spontaneous garbage collection anymore. A command added for quickly selecting the number of mines and for toggling hidden/visible mines.
♦  Terror.htm, Terror.zip (6.5 kB), size on calc 1.3 kB.
For those who want overcome their feelings of aggression. Anti aircraft rockets try to defend a town. Load TerrorPlus on the 49g+. A really fascinating game.


♦  Jsbach.htm, Jsbach.zip (5.9 kB), size on calc 2.6 kB.
The famous violin concert E major by J. S. Bach. Tempo may be set during performance. Load JSBachP on the 49g+.
♦  MigBZ.htm, MigBZ.zip (4.2 kB), size on calc 4.0 kB [-]. For HP 49G only.
The only differences to the famous original Mig3.2 besides much smaller size are that MigBZ displays an icon if set with the LIB key, allows only BZ-decompression.
♦  MPlay.htm, MPlay.zip (2.3 kB), size on calc 1.0 kB [-]. For HP 49G only.
Like a video player, MPlay plays music pieces made with MigBZ or the original Mig library: Hence, it is much smaller than full Mig versions.
♦  PlayBach.htm, PlayBach.zip,(12.3 kB), size on calc [-]. For HP 49G only.
A package containing the famous Toccata and Fuga d-minor and some other small pieces of J. S. Bach, together with the Mig-Player MPlay.


♦  Split.htm, Split.zip (1 kB), size on calc 0.1 kB.
The smallest library splitter you can imagine - only 122.5 bytes. And it splits even internal libraries like lib 2 (most UsrRPL commands) or lib 221 with the new 49G/49g+ user commands DISPXY etc. Splitting lib 2 with 67 pages of almost all user commands needs only 10_s.
♦  Contrast.htm, Contrast.zip (1.2 kB), size on calc 0.1 kB.
A small programmable contrast adjuster. Keys + and - directly adjust. All other keys are temporarily inactive.
♦  Countdwn.htm, Countdwn.zip (1.0 kB), size on calc 0.1 kB.
Small tool to saves your batteries and to prevent spontaneous garbage collection during applications.
♦  DspXY.htm, DspXY.zip (1.5 kB), size on calc 0.1 kB. Required for HP 49g+ up to ROM 1.24 only.
Generalization of DISPXY. Displays an object anywhere in the 49g+ screen, not only below the header..
♦  Docfiler.htm, Docfiler.zip (10.7 kB), size on calc 0.8 kB.
Makes it easy to read on the 49g+ books or other long documents from the SD-card or other location split in sections or chapters. You may leaf through like a real book. Docfiler fully supports a directory structure on the card.
♦  Findmsg.htm, Findmsg.zip (1.5 kB), size on calc 0.1 kB.
Finds all built-in messages containing a given word fragment. 
♦  Gview.htm, Gview.zip (1 kB), size on calc 0.1 kB.
Searches all files containing graphics in the current directory and displays them stepwise with NXT.
♦  LDAT~.htm, LDAT~.zip (1.7 kB), size on calc 0.1 kB.
Library Data toggler. Toggles unreadable Library Data with its readable content. Can be used to create Library Data for self-made libraries.
♦  NLperm.htm, NLperm.zip (1 kB), size on calc 0.2 kB.
(= Nulllams permute, only for SysRPL programmers). Permute all or some Nulllams in a decompiled SysRPL program.
♦  Ohead.htm, Ohead.zip (6 kB), size on calc 0.2 kB.
Discards the new 49g+ header to make still more space for stack display.
♦  Paint.htm, Paint.zip (0.9 kB), size on calc 0.1 kB.
Defines a new PLOT  environment,  PAINT.
♦  Protect.htm, Protect.zip (1 kB), size on calc 0.1 kB.
Protects sensitive variables against unintended overwriting.

© 2003 Wolfgang Rautenberg ć

Contact: Heiko Arnemann:  Heiko.Arnemann@gmx.de